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Today, most organizations have realized that improving the quality of goods and services is the necessary condition for survival in the presence of market and global competition. ISO encompasses the requirements for establishing, implementing and maintaining the system of quality management. In spite of the importance and vital role of the quality management system in organizations, there is no practical examples of successful managers and organizations and we do not feel it there. The aim of this research is to improve the quality management system of domestic trade and export manufacturing companies in the Delijan city. The main research question is, “Is the establishment of the quality management system been effective on manufacturing companies?” To achieve the answer, library and research studies have been done. The study of the two hypotheses are: 1) companies have quality management systems in the market are more favorable domestic sales 2) companies with the quality management system have favorable export conditions.
To investigate the hypothesis that the theoretical study issues such as quality, management quality, insulation and industry, market and export studied. According to the research topic and descriptive research method of questionnaire, the survey has been done in companies with and without ISO to compare the effectiveness of the goals of the system after that certification be evaluated regarding data analysis using descriptive and inferential statistics. Research findings indicate that, deploy ISO insulation and insulation industry  Delijan targets on  quality management system (ISO ), the recovery process and export trading company and the objectives influenced the quality management system (ISO ) is satisfied.
Key words: quality, quality management, quality management systems, ISO, humidity insulation, trade, domestic trade, foreign trade (exports)
Islamic Azad University
Unit Naragh
School of Management – Department of Business Administration
To receive a master’s degree thesis (M.Sc)
Internal orientation
The role of the Quality Management System to improve business processes in manufacturing firms in the city Delijan humidity insulation
Dr. Hamid Reza Bahrami
Dr. Somaye . Qajari
Salehi Zahra
Academic year:
Summer 2013