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The standard model of cosmology was involved with the Horizon problem, flatness problem and monopole problem. The Inflation scenario, firstly introduced by Allen Guth, could provide justification for solving these problems. After the first Inflation model, various scenarios have been introduced. Observational evidences on the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation opened new horizons for cosmologists and scientists from other fields. In this research we study in detail some of the well-known models of inflation. Furthermore, by analyzing the recent observational evidences from BICEP 2 and Planck and using some parameters including r (the ratio of tensor to scalar perturbations) and n_s (spectral index parameter) the extent of agreement between the predictions of some well-known models of inflation with observational evidences are evaluated.
Key words: Inflation, Standard Cosmology, Einstein field equations
Central Tehran Branch
Faculty of Science
“M. Sc.” Thesis
Subject: Recent progress in inflationary models
Supervisor: Dr. Farhad Darabi
Advisor: Dr. Sepehr Arbabi
By: Hadi Pourjavadi
Summer 2014
1 Cosmological Principle
1 Isotropy
1 Homogeneity
1 Cosmic Microwave Background
1Arno Penzias
1Robert Wilson
1 Edwin Hubble
1 Killing vectors
1 symmetry
1 Robertson–Walker metric
1 Mach’s principle
1 Friedmann
1  standard model of Big Bang
1 The flatness problem
1 critical density
1 Horizon Problem
1 Last Scattering
1 The monopole problem
1 Alan Guth
1 Old Inflation
1 de Sitter
1 Gliner
1 Dowker
1 Critchley
1 Reheat
1Andrei Linde
1 The New Inflationary Universe Scenario
1 gauge theory
1 Reheat
1self-reproducing inflationary universe
1 Chaotic Inflation
1no-hair theorem
1 Planck
1Slow -roll
1 Inflaton
1 vacuum expectation value
1 Number of e-folds
1 Alexander Vilenkin
فصل اول مبانی ریاضی کیهان شناسی استاندارد
فصل دوم مشکلات مدل استاندارد
فصل سوم مدل تورمی “آلن گوث” رهیافتی برای برون رفت از مشکلات مدل استاندارد
فصل چهارم مدل تورمی جدید- مدل تورمی آشوبناک
فصل پنجم آخرین شواهد رصدی در مورد تورم کیهانی

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